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Traveling on Dialysis: Explore the World with Confidence

When most people think about dialysis, they imagine a person hooked up to a machine in a hospital s…

When most people think about dialysis, they imagine a person hooked up to a machine in a hospital setting. However, being on dialysis doesn’t mean you have to stay close to your dialysis center. Those who need dialysis can still enjoy traveling and seeing loved ones. While traveling on dialysis may be tricky, it’s not impossible. There are many ways to make sure your travels go smoothly. So don’t let your kidney function get in the way of exploring all the world has to offer – there are ways to travel while on dialysis.

Is it Safe to Travel While on Dialysis?

Consult with your physician before planning to travel. However, according to the National Kidney Foundation, “most patients who receive dialysis or have had a kidney transplant can travel safely and continue their treatment while away from home.”

Options for Traveling on Dialysis:

Consider using a home dialysis unit or a dialysis center at your destination. This can save you from having to lug a dialysis machine with you on your trip.

How to Prepare for Traveling on Dialysis:

Check with your dialysis center or home dialysis unit supplier to confirm you have all the supplies you need. Ensure your dialysis machine is in good working order and pack emergency contact information. Maintain an appropriate diet and consider packing healthy snacks and meals for your travel.

Things to Consider When Traveling on Dialysis:

Get plenty of rest and stay hydrated. Stick to your dialysis schedule and diet. Missing treatments can be dangerous. Include time for treatments in your travel plans.

What to Do if You Have an Emergency While Traveling:

Pack all the supplies you need and have contact information for a nearby dialysis center. Ensure you have your doctor’s contact information and other emergency contacts with you while you travel.

Traveling with Peritoneal Dialysis:

Patients on peritoneal dialysis may find traveling easier. Plan ahead by contacting your doctor and a dialysis center in your destination city to ensure they can accommodate you.

Traveling on dialysis requires planning and preparation, but it is definitely possible. Consult with your healthcare team, pack your supplies, and be ready for the unexpected. Don’t let kidney health hold you back from exploring the world and creating unforgettable memories. Remember to consider fistula clothing and warm clothing for dialysis patients to stay comfortable during your travels.

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