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8 Essential Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Mastectomy

Facing a mastectomy can be overwhelming, but arming yourself with information is empowering. Here are eight essential questions to discuss with your doctor before undergoing this procedure:

1. Which type of surgery do you recommend for me?

Understanding the available surgical options tailored to your specific situation is crucial for making informed decisions about your treatment plan.

2. Where will the incision be located, and how much breast tissue will be removed?

Knowing the details of the surgical procedure, such as the incision location and extent of tissue removal, can mentally prepare you and help you anticipate physical changes.

3. Will any lymph nodes be removed?

Discussing the possibility of lymph node removal and its implications can provide insight into your recovery and the need for additional treatments.

4. Will I be able to have breast reconstruction?

Understanding the possibility of breast reconstruction post-mastectomy can help you plan for your future and make decisions about your appearance.

5. Should breast reconstruction be done simultaneously or at a later date?

Knowing the timing of breast reconstruction allows you to plan your treatment timeline according to your preferences and lifestyle.

6. Will I need additional treatments like radiation or chemotherapy?

Knowing if adjuvant treatments are necessary helps you mentally prepare for your breast cancer treatment journey.

7. What follow-up care is necessary?

Understanding the recommended follow-up care, including check-ups and imaging tests, ensures proper monitoring and early detection of any recurrence or complications.

8. When can I resume normal activities?

Having clarity on the expected recovery timeline helps you plan your post-surgery activities and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

Remember, your doctor is there to support you throughout your mastectomy journey. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information or seek clarification on any concerns you may have. Your well-being is their priority.

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